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Join the Black AIDS Institute and special guests on our 17-city National Black Healthcare Access Tour. Find a location near you to participate in the conversation, learn more about the current polices coming out of Washington, and sign up for an insurance plan during the open enrollment period:

Tour Dates:

  1. November 10: Melbourne, FL
  2. November 11: Orlando, FL
  3. November 13: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  4. November 15: Birmingham, AL
  5. November 17: Nashville, TN
  6. November 18: Atlanta, GA
  7. November 21: Charlotte, NC
  8. November 27: Houston, TX
  9. November 29: Baton Rouge, LA
  10. December 1 (World AIDS Day): Washington, DC
  11. December: Richmond, VA
  12. December 4: Baltimore, MD
  13. December 6: Chicago, IL
  14. December 7: Cleveland, OH
  15. December 9: Jackson, MS
  16. December 11: Detroit, MI
  17. December 13: Oakland, CA
  18. December 14: Los Angeles, CA

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