30 days of Giving: Three ways to give to the Black AIDS Institute

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2017 has been a year of tremendous uncertainty in HIV. From the never-ending attacks on the Affordable Care Act, to potential decreases the allocation of funds to the CDC, HRSA and other HIV/AIDS funding sources, the promise of ending the AIDS epidemic seems further away today than it did a year ago. The Black AIDS Institute and other organizations are attempting to resists the attempts to roll back the clock.

Collectively, we were able to stop attempts to repeal the ACA in the Congress earlier this year. True to form the Trump administration has not given up. Their current attempt to sabotage the ACA and force millions of Americans to possibly lose their health coverage is a provision in the Tax Reform bill that would eliminate the individual mandate in the ACA.

We need your help more than ever. To commemorate Giving Tuesday, we are launching 30 Days of Giving: Three Ways to Give. With the help of three of our partners we have created three quick, easy and fun ways for you to support the work of the Black AIDS Institute and help us continue to do our work. One of them allows you to support BAI at no cost to you. One of them allows you to support BAI will doing your Christmas shopping or planning your 2018 vacations.

Here’s how you can participate:

1. Donate a Photo from your Mobile Phone: Powered by Johnson and Johnson

It’s easy as one, two, three:

1. Download the “Donate a Photo” app on your phone.

2. Select Black AIDS Institute as your charity.

3. Share any photo you want: a selfie, your cat, an HIV related photo, a holiday dish, a Kwanzaa party photo, something that makes you laugh or inspires you, anything you want, It’s your choice! You can donate up to one photo a day. Post your photo on your social media platforms.

J&J will donate $1.00 for each donated photo. It’s really that simple.

2. Text Your Pledge from Your Mobile Phone

It’s quick, easy and you can do it on your phone. Text “BlackAIDS” to “91999”. Donate an amount of your choice. You can make a one-time or a recurring donation. 100% of your donation is tax deductible. $25 provides HIV testing for one person. $50 links someone to life-saving care and treatment. $100 helps prevent someone from getting infected with HIV by connecting them to PrEP services.

3. Participate in our online silent auction

Powered by eBay and AirBNB. Bid now on amazing AirBNB experiences and vacation homes all over the world and support the Black AIDS Institute. It’s a win-win-win proposition. You get an amazing experience or a fantastic vacation while fighting the AIDS epidemic at the same time. Stay in a luxury villa in Tuscany, learn to blow glass beachside in Hermosa Beach, learn Afro-Cuban culture in Havana, spend 3 nights in a beautiful Los Feliz home with a pool, master local recipes in Cape Town. New auction items are added each day. What an amazing Christmas idea and it’s tax deductible!

Since 1999, BAI has been on the front-line, providing education, capacity-building and support services to thousands of individuals and community-based organizations. We are c omitted to doing this work until this epidemic is over.

While it is true we have made tremendous progress in both HIV treatment and prevention. So much so, some people think the AIDS epidemic is over. But nothing could be further from the true, especially in Black and Brown communities, among young people, among gay and bisexual men, and among trans-women. BAI is fighting every day to protect our community. Your contribution helps raise awareness, educate our community about HIV treatment and prevention, provide HIV testing, and help provide essential services that are needed to keep people in care.

We can’t do any of it without you. Please be generous this holiday season. The survival of our community depends on it.


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