AIDS: 30 Years Is Enuf!

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enufAIDS: 30 Years Is Enuf! The History of the AIDS Epidemic in Black America by the Black AIDS Institute marks the 30th anniversary of the first official report on the emergence of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Over three decades, AIDS has radically altered our world, reshaping entire regions of the world, changing people’s relationship with their own sexuality, dramatically accelerating social and cultural change, and producing some of the most important scientific advances of the last century.

No single report can possibly address all the various ramifications of the epidemic’s first 30 years, and this one certainly does not attempt to do so. Rather, this report aims to provide a degree of context to our understanding of the epidemic, using the 30th anniversary as an opportunity to reflect on what we have experienced and to understand both the challenges and the opportunities that will face us in the future.

The report includes a brief historical overview of the first 30 years of AIDS, including a timeline of key events and a report card for the American presidents who have overseen our national response. Personal essays explore some of the ways that AIDS has affected both our world at large and our own individual life experiences. Looking to the future, the report profiles current and emerging leaders in Black America’s response to AIDS, includes HIV-themed essays from 30 people under age 30, and highlights major new scientific advances that may hold the key to eventual efforts to end AIDS. The report ends with a series of urgent recommendations to ensure that this historic moment of opportunity is not wasted.

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