Ambassador Program for Black Women

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The Black AIDS Institute, with support from Gilead Sciences, is excited to launch an Ambassador program for Black women to build engagement and movement around HIV and sexual health for Black women. This ambassador program will create a cohort of 20 Black cis and trans women, who are living with HIV and HIV-negative, who will receive training about HIV and sexual health. These women will utilize social media to expand knowledge of and access to biomedical tools among Black women.  The program will de-stigmatize conversations about sexual health and HIV, normalize utilization of biomedical interventions among Black women through social media, and build power among the women ambassadors and their social networks. The ambassador program will include:

  • 5-day training in February to increase knowledge of biomedical information and social media strategies to build movements
  • Participation in regular social media engagements including, but not limited to:
    • Twitter town-hall pertaining to TasP, PrEP, or social determinants of health which affect Black women, such as medical mistrust and stigma.
    • Leading conversations about sexual health and stigma during popular television shows like Insecure, Pose, Atlanta, and Random Acts of Flyness.
    • Amplifying the work of local organizations working with Black women and HIV through social media posting and in-person participation.
  • Creating materials for a digital Black Women’s Prevention Toolkit that centers women in the Ambassador program
  • Link local community members directly to partnering clinics to receive services pertaining to HIV and sexual health

Ambassadors will be supported by a small stipend, and will have the opportunity to attend conferences and other networking and professional development events. Ambassadors will be expected to devote 10-15 hours/month to this program.


Applications are due January 15, 2019.  Apply here: