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This week we continue to talk about PrEP. As I’ve said over and over, we have the tools to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic. But even though more people are taking PrEP, not enough people are taking the regimen that we can bring the epidemic to an end. And importantly, and we can’t end the epidemic if health care providers don’t know what’s in our biomedical toolkit and recent research suggests that many of them don’t know about PrEP. Our friends at the National Library of Medicine as well as at report on the nation’s progress.

As we remember World AIDS Day, we run an NBCBLK interview that Amber Payne conducted with longtime HIV/AIDS activists Jussie Smolett and Jurnee Smolett-Bell about their longtime involvement in HIV/AIDS advocacy, including their work with the Black AIDS Institute. Colorlines reports.

As digital tools increasingly support the implementation of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, provides an example of how the corporation Viiv has begun to award grants to organizations using social media and other digital strategies to move MSM along the HIV care continuum.

Finally, new research shows that despite the cost of the new cure for hepatitis C, testing all prison inmates for hep C—and treating them when appropriate—is an extremely cost-effective strategy.

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