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Beginning this week the Black AIDS Institute will provide a countdown until the federal health-insurance marketplace,, begins open enrollment so people can obtain insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare. There are 22 days until November 1, the first day of open enrollment.

As many of you already know, in the wake of the Republicans’ failure to “repeal and replace” the ACA, the Trump administration has embarked upon a path of sabotaging President Obama’s signature legislation, from cutting the open-enrollment period in half—it’s now a mere six weeks: from November 1 to December 15, 2017—to undermining by shutting it down for 12 hours each weekend, when people are most likely to use it.

This week, we run a piece from our friends at Kaiser Health News describing the administration’s attempt to undermine the healthcare navigators critical to helping so many people sign up for health insurance.

We also publish an opinion piece from one of our 2017 USCA Social Media Fellows, Abdul-Aliy A. Muhammad, who writes about how the law-enforcement’s abuse of surveillance within Black and Brown communities undermines the surveillance efforts intended to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Journalist Tamara Holmes provides an update on the recent Brown Bag Lunch Webinar on the treatment cascade sponsored by the Black AIDS Institute and Gilead Sciences. Our friends at provide an update on how new HIV diagnoses have been declining in the United States, including among Black Women, which we should celebrate. However, much work remains to be done, as many Black women as well as Black gay and bisexual men, people living in the South and others continue to be left behind.

Finally, our friends at Kaiser Health News report on how the FDA’s recent approval of Mavyret, a lower-priced drug to cure hepatitis C, opens the possibility that additional insurers, Medicaid and prisons will be able to expand hepatitis C treatment.

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