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This week, we continue our series about the new members of Black AIDS Institute’s board of directors, highlighting New Orleans-based community organizer Gina Brown. (Just for the record, there are three Gina Browns that I know of in HIV.) We are proud of our Gina and welcome her to our board.

We’re also excited to announce the opening of A Clinic for Us, a free or low-cost community-centric primary care facility in Los Angeles that extends our partnership with St. John Well Child and Family Center—the partnership behind the Black HIV/AIDS prevention clinic we opened earlier this year.

Research shows that the new shingles vaccine is significantly more effective than the previous version, prompting federal officials to recommend that older adults make sure to get it. That means you should consider getting it, too. Our friends at Kaiser Health News report.

Recently, we commemorated the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. In this issue, we run a piece from Kaiser Health News about the struggle his hometown of Atlanta—and all of America, quite frankly—is experiencing in its efforts to live up to Dr. King’s vision for justice in health care, particularly in preventive care.

As our conversations about the value of Black life in American society continue, we run a roundup from Colorlines about the race-related books that are being published this spring.

Finally, I am in Africa, where I will be conducting a number of trainings in Lesotho, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. Please keep your eyes open for our upcoming issues where we will talk about HIV/AIDS in the southern portion of the continent.

Yours in the struggle,