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I’ve spent much of the last two weeks leading a series of in-country trainings in Southern Africa to support the decades of work by governments, civil society, community leaders, people living with HIV and AIDS, and as various activists to bring an end to HIV and AIDS. We open this issue with a story about the epidemics in Lesotho, Swaziland and Zimbabwe, where I’ve been conducting these workshops.

Sticking with our Southern Africa theme, we also run a personal essay written by the Black AIDS Weekly’s editor-in-chief, Hilary Beard, who reflects upon some of the challenges and possibilities of faith-based work, which she experienced when a missions group from her Philadelphia church partnered with its sister congregation in the Western Cape to address some social determinates of that nation’s HIV and AIDS epidemics.

Returning our attention to the United States, we run a story from Kaiser Health News about how PrEP uptake continues to lag among people of color, focusing on the racial disparities in PrEP use in California.

We also want to apologize for a mistake we made. Last week, even though we know that there are three Gina Brown’s in HIV, we ran a story introducing you to the Black AIDS Institute’s new Board Member, New Orleans-based activist Gina Brown, accompanied by a photograph of Gina Brown, the doctor and researcher—the wrong Gina. It was the right story, but the wrong illustration. We have apologized to all involved and appreciate their graciousness and sense of humor. This week we are re-running the story with a correction and the appropriate photo.

Finally, we run a piece from the CDC about Youth AIDS Awareness Day, which took place earlier this month. Katherine Ethier and Dr. Jonathan Mermen update us on young people’s sexual activity and rate of condom use and their implications for HIV risk.

Yours in the struggle,