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Posted in: News, News 2018

Black AIDS Institute program coordinator Maya Merriweather is part of the next generation of professionals who have committed themselves to ending the HIV epidemic. We introduce you to her here and welcome her to our team.

In conjunction with Emory University, the CDC has created a comprehensive database of public and private health care providers offering pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)—and now there’s a website widget to help your site visitors find a PrEP provider in their area. Our friends at tell you all about it.

Several weeks ago, Surgeon General Jerome Adams called for more people—from health care providers to friends and family members—to carry naloxone, the drug that can reverse opioid overdoses. In this issue you’ll find a story from Kaiser Health News about what this advisory means and its policy implications.

The issues of cybersecurity and online privacy have been in the news a lot lately. We run a piece from our friends at that will help you understand the difference between security and privacy and tells you what your organization can do digitally to help protect your clients’ and site visitors’ data.

Finally, we run a Colorlines interview of six Black feminists sharing their feelings about Bill Cosby’s recent conviction for sexual assault.

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