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Something we are always told but never taught

The presence rather than the absence of a certain substance, condition, feature
Consisting in or characterized by the presence or possession of features or qualities rather than their absences
The way dictionary defines
I live my life between those lines

When faced with adversity that’s when it’s supposed to activate
yet no one told me how to turn it on

I am living positive but not in the way most people would want
Yet last year at my lowest moments you went missing
The loss of a uncle then followed by a mother 2 aunts and A cousin
So positivity where are you?

Oh yeah you run through my veins and build walls too high to climb
You’ve placed a hold on me that I’m bound to for eternity
Yet you say I should live positively
What a double entendre

The vibrations that are sent when I hear the word
Like a weed grew in my garden of life
Slowing killing my dreams aspirations and hopes
Trying to take my future before I could move from the present

It took me to my lowest point
Caused me to battle with myself
I didn’t know whether to smile or cry
Not knowing whether I’m okay or going insane
But what I’ve come to realized me being Positive has created such positivity
I was able to regain my confidence in ways I will forever be grateful for
I am comfortable in my skin
It’s my magical super power
Fuck boy repellent
Separates wheat from the tare
Put me a position of power
I have been able to build an amazing team full of love support and motivation
A fire has been reignited in my would
The frequency is in perfect tune with the new song In my heart
Yes I am positive
Positively living my life
Loving myself
Every day is not promised
So I embrace what I can’t change
I’ve created spaces and platforms
I am unstoppable