Brown bag Lunch Series

This series provides information about HIV science, policy, and advocacy to develop and implement local projects that work to end HIV/AIDS in Black communities.

Every Second Tuesday at 10 a.m. (PDT), the Black AIDS Institute will broadcast a webinar on a topic related to the quarterly theme.

Supporting People Living with HIV

March 12: HIV and Aging

Speaker is Kengi Carr, photographer and founder of Project KengiKat

  • Understand why it is important to explore the link between HIV and aging
  • Explore what it means to be a Black PLWHIV who is also aging
  • Discuss research developments on the subject of aging with HIV and what they could mean for Black PLWHIV


Policy and Advocacy

April 9: An Overview of HIV Policy

  • Understand the public health theories that influence HIV policies
  • Recognize the major creators of HIV policies nationally and internationally
  • Educate around and mobilize around misinformed, harmful, and stigmatizing policies

May 14: Programming and Organizing for an Election Year

  • Discuss the state of HIV policy in the current administration
  • Highlight ways in which programming can include organizing for the upcoming election year
  • Discuss how to engage local and state government around policy concerning HIV

June 11: The history of Black HIV Advocacy

  • Explore the history and impact that Black folks have had on the organizing history of the HIV epidemic
  • Visit the connection between Black HIV Advocacy in the past and present Black HIV advocacy
  • Illustrate what we can take from the past in order to push along policy work and priorities in present day

Cut the Stigma

July 9: Foundations of HIV Science

  • Define HIV and AIDS
  • Identify modes of HIV transmission
  • Identify several biomedical prevention techniques including PrEP
  • Understand what ART is and how it works in the body

August 13: Biomedical Interventions

  • Understand the difference in formulations and use of PrEP and PEP
  • Understand the theory and application of treatment as prevention
  • Understand the implications of ‘undetectable = untransmittable”

September 10: Addressing Stigma

  • To develop a foundational understanding of stigma in the context of HIV
  • To understand other stigmas which adversely impact connection to care
  • To establish an understanding of HIV stigma as a barrier in conversations around PrEP
  • To share tactics to combat stigma in conversations around HIV and PrEP

Black Liberation and Intersectionality

October 8: Structural Determinants of HIV Health Disparities

  • Define structural determinants and understand how they show up in the world
  • Identify the intersection of HIV disparities and structural determinants
  • Discuss ways that HIV programming and clinical services can circumvent structural barriers to improve patient health outcomes

November 12: Re-Entry, The Carceral System, and HIV

  • Discuss how being incarcerated impacts HIV and define HIV criminalization
  • Familiarize with the re-entry process as it relates to healthcare
  • Understand the implications of re-entry for folks living with HIV and what situations they need to navigate upon re-entry
  • Understand how to retain and engage PLWHIV in care after they have re-entered

December 10: Gender, Sex, Sexuality

  • Define/describe gender, sex, and sexuality and understand the difference in meaning
  • Understand how gender, sex, and sexuality might have different interactions with race and class
  • Describe strategies to create HIV prevention and care programs that acknowledge and address disparities caused by intersecting oppressions

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