Maximillian Boykin (Maxx) serves as the Senior Coordinator focusing on leading the Black AIDS Institute’s (BAI) policy, advocacy, and mobilization work. Boykin, formerly a member of the Black Treatment Advocates Network (BTAN) Chicago chapter, joined the BAI team in January and is now leading BTAN efforts and the revisioning process. At his heart he is an organizer, activist, and believer in “we have to be the change we want to see.”

Before coming to BAI he was the Manager of Organizing at the AIDS Foundation of Chicago along with the Manager of HIV Prevention Justice Alliance. Boykin is also a member of Black Youth Project 100, a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Leader and is on the steering committee for the Collaboration on Health Equity for Cook County. His organizing ranges from direct action, civic engagement, conscious raising, to coalition building. Originally from the Suburbs of Atlanta, he and his two sisters were raised by his parents who were raised in Alabama during the Civil Rights Movement.

He has been an organizer for a wide arrange of issue based, political, and union organizing. His first two years were in political organizing starting in Savannah Georgia on local campaigns later moving to Virginia to work on four winning campaigns including state senate, governor and presidential races. In Illinois he has worked on the Fight for 15 campaign and the Get Covered America Campaign around health insurance before spending almost three years at the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. There he worked to design train and build both local and national advocate networks centering those living with HIV and black communities to address ending the epidemic from structural barriers.

He has always worked in primarily Black and marginalized communities and loves working with his people to make sure they are uplifted and liberated.

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