Welcome to the Black AIDS Institute’s Black Women and PrEP Toolkit.  

Ending the HIV epidemic in Black communities will take multi-faceted, innovative, and intentional approaches. At CROI 2018, new data about PrEP uptake confirmed that of approximately 500,000 Black people who could potentially benefit from PrEP, only 7,000 prescriptions have been filled. This data underscores what has been known for a while: Black communities are not getting crucial information about PrEP.

What Is The Black Women and PrEP Toolkit?

The Black AIDS Institute spoke to Black women around the country, as well as to providers and community advocates, to find out what is needed to spread the word about PrEP. The Black Women and PrEP Toolkit, launched in time for National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (March 10), is a product of those conversations. It is created for Black women by Black women.

This toolkit contains posters that can be co-branded for your organization, brochures and presentations for community education, and links to resources created by other folks doing great work around PrEP for Black women. The Black AIDS Institute would like community engagement to help this toolkit grow and adapt with the need of Black women around the country. Please use it, share it, and send feedback about what else should be included to FatimaH@blackaids.org

PrEP Basics


PrEP in Your Organization

PrEP and Health Departments

We believe health departments are critical public health institutions in the fight to end AIDS in Black communities across the country. We envision health departments that have the support needed to provide high-impact HIV services to Black communities, lead to equity in health outcomes, including access to and awareness of PrEP.

Learn more about how we partner with health departments here:

  • Create co-branded materials like posters and brochures for education
  • Facilitate PrEP Summits
  • Facilitate PrEP Learning Collaboratives
  • Facilitate trainings for providers, advocates, and educators

PrEP Posters

Spread the word about the diversity of PrEP with posters from the ” I PrEP Because” series: 

Share the power of women’s health and prevention with posters from the “Take Control” series

To include your institution’s logo on any of these posters, contact FatimaH@Blackaids.org

PrEP News and Research

Science literacy is central to the Black AIDS Institute philosophy. Communities and providers alike must know about the latest developments in biomedical interventions, as well as conversations taking place around PrEP in the public sphere. We’ll be posting articles and research that we find interesting below:
  • CDC Announcement on PrEP disparities from CROI 2018
  • “CDC: Few People Who Could Benefit From PrEP Are Using It” from TheBodyPro
  • “Predictors of Willingness to take PrEP among Black and Latina Transgender Women” from CROI 2018
  • “Predictors of PrEP Eligibility Among At-Risk Women in the Southern United States” from CROI 2018


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Learn more about the Black AIDS Institute’s efforts for PrEP and Black communities here.

Download PrEP report


For more information, or to suggest a resource for the Black Women and PrEP Toolkit, please contact: FatimaH@blackaids.org


This initiative is sponsored by Gilead Sciences.

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