Black Treatment Advocates Network


The Black Treatment Advocates Network aims to address the systemic barriers that perpetuate health disparities. To do this, BTAN specifically aims to ensure there are enough Black-serving institutions and Black leaders with the skills, capacity, and social capital to ensure equitable access and utilization of up-to-date HIV prevention and treatment strategies for all Black people. BTAN will facilitate the space for Black leaders to build collective power through intersectionality to end the HIV epidemic.


BTAN is a well-informed and well-equipped collective of people who can address barriers specific to Black communities through knowledge-transfer, advocacy and mobilization, and community building.


BTAN is unapologetically Black, inclusive, and informed by community including Black PLWHA. BTAN values community knowledge of the HIV science that impacts community and we believe local people know best how to respond to local problems.


  • Connect community members
  • Raise HIV science and treatment knowledge in Black communities
  • Strengthen local and national leadership
  • Link and support Black Americans in HIV to care and treatment
  • Advocate for policy change
  • Reduce stigma and create an open, supportive environment for people living with HIV/AIDS


Produce and support a nationwide network of highly trained Black treatment advocates who will:

  •         Serve as educators and opinion leaders in their communities
  •         Provide a pipeline of trained Black Americans for community advisory boards
  •         Facilitate expanded Black participation in clinical trials
  •         Increase early utilization of appropriate treatment
  •         Improve treatment adherence in Black communities
  •         Serve on decision making advisory or planning groups

BTAN Structure

BTAN is a national network, organized and facilitated by the Black AIDS Institute. The Black AIDS Institute serves BTAN in various forms including content development and provision, guidance on community building, advocacy, mobilization, and leadership development. This work is guided by two BTAN chapter bodies including the BTAN Community Advisory Board, which meets quarterly, and the BTAN Leadership Council, which meets annually.

Chapters and affiliates  are established in geographic areas that are key to the epidemic. These chapters are founded by an interested group of individuals, who complete a launch process.

There is an opportunity for some affiliates to become BTAN chapters, and some chapters will become affiliates – whatever best fits for their community.

BTAN Chapters

Chapters across the country will have members including PLWHA, ASO, CBO, and other parts of the Black community to collaborate on working to end the HIV epidemic in the Black community.  Each chapter will be led by core group leaders (CGL). The core group leaders will consist of 2-5 people, who will share responsibilities in completing the minimum activity package –

  • Monthly Meetings – Community Building and Education
  • Activations – National Response to Pressing HIV-related Issues
    • One Event Per quarter on different issues that impact the community
  • Rapid Response: National Tours (optional)

BTAN Affiliates

The BTAN affiliates model allows communities to engage in efforts that are the most pressing to their local needs without going through the chapter process.  Interested individuals and groups around the country are given the tools and support to mobilize around the most pressing issues and opportunities to end AIDS in Black America.

Many affiliates will come from states and communities where we do not currently have chapters .

In this version, individuals or small groups, called “affiliates”, are able to implement events as part of the national network. The necessary elements of a BTAN affiliate is for a person to liaise with the Institute around opportunities for mobilization and outreach, as well as for record keeping and monitoring and evaluation. The group or individual will be accountable to their own quarterly activities.

BTAN Chapters

Chicago, IL
Charlotte, NC
Detroit, MI
Maryland (Baltimore)
Baton Rouge
Bay Area, CA
Melbourne, FL
Broward County, FL*
Richmond, VA*
Alabama (Building)
Miami, FL (Building)
Big Bend (Tallahassee), FL

Sites of BTAN Affiliates

New Orleans, LA
Cleveland, OH
Houston, TX
Dallas, TX
New York, NY
Orangeburg, SC
Kansas City, MO
Hampton, VA
Greensboro, NC
Jackson, MS
Memphis, TN
Little Rock, Arkansas
Indianapolis, IN

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