The Black AIDS Institute believes that PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a necessary tool in the toolbox of HIV prevention. Our stance is that everyone who self- identifies as needing PrEP should be made aware of their options. We believe that providers and advocates should be educated about all options for HIV prevention. As of 2017, there are disparities along lines of race, gender, and geography between which populations use PrEP, and these disparities are inversely related to which populations face the highest risk of contracting HIV. The Institute works with different organizations and individuals to ensure that everyone who could benefit from PrEP is aware of their options for access and payment.

PrEP Learning Collaboratives

Since 2015, the Institute has been working with Cicatelli Associates Inc. to produce PrEP Learning Collaboratives. The PrEP Learning Collaborative process brings together teams from multiple partners and stakeholders to learn from their collective experiences and challenges to improve processes, practices, and/or systems. Each team and team member works to adapt effective practices in their settings and shares their learnings with the other teams and team members.

The first learning collaborative took place in Atlanta, Georgia and resulted in the creation of the Fulton County PrEP clinic, the first of its kind in the South. The second learning collaborative took place in Houston, Texas and supported the creation of a city-wide referral system. Individual organizations in both learning collaboratives received tailored trainings about everything from training staff about PrEP to educating their communities to billing for PrEP.

The third learning collaborative is currently underway in Charlotte, North Carolina. Learning collaboratives last over several months, and include health departments, community based organizations, and other healthcare organizations. We can work with your community to create a PrEP learning collaborative so that all of the potential PrEP providers are moving forward with the same understanding.

PreP and Black Women

As of 2015, Black women are 16x more likely to contract HIV when compared to their white counterparts. At the same time, only 15% of all PrEP prescriptions were filed by women, and a further fraction of those were by Black women. BAI conducted a survey at Essence Fest in collaboration with Greater than AIDS and Louisiana Health Department. The survey showed that Black women are overwhelmingly interested in a “pill that can help prevent you from contracting HIV”, but do not know where they can get more information. BAI is working intentionally with organizations, advocates, and providers around the country to make PrEP working groups specifically related to women and their needs. We have a PrEP toolkit which we can make available for interested parties. 



For more information, contact FatimaH@BlackAIDS.org